Bogotá, 12 May 12 2021

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Colombia informs that it has decided to cancel the partnership it had recently established with the company GeoPark, which intended to develop comprehensive strategies for economic reactivation at the territorial level, focused on improving the living conditions of the people most affected by the Covid-19 crisis with a multi-dimensional and multi-stakeholder approach.

This decision responds to the concerns expressed by actors in the territory, particularly civil society, indigenous authorities and peasant organizations.

The responsibility of UNDP is and will always be to work for the people, the territories and the planet at a global level, in strict adherence to the principles and standards of environmental, social and human rights safeguards that govern our work.

We ratify our commitment to the Indigenous Peoples and sustainable development in Colombia, as we have been doing thus far through different and extensive programs that we implement with the full involvement, appropriation and leadership of the actors in the territory, promoting the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and ensuring the principle that no one is left behind.


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