The United Nations Development Programme – UNDP is committed with the 2030 Agenda and the opportunity to provide solutions that will improve the quality of life for every Colombian. Hence Jessica Faieta, UNDP Resident Representative and Josh Thomas, Innovation Director for the renowned Brandwidth agency signed a memorandum of understanding to provide state-of-the-art technology to offer development solutions for the country.

Brandwidth will adjoin efforts with UNDP’s Acceleration Lab, which is using technology to seek solutions to complex development challenges. During 2019, the Acceleration Lab adopted augmented reality-based solutions for a project named ‘Augmented Development’ ( Augmented reality is at the core of the Brandwidth company.

In partnership with UNDP’s Accelerator Lab, Brandwidth will design innovative proposals under the 2030 Agenda framework to address complex challenges faced by local communities and our planet. This MoU represents UNDP’s commitment to bring technology and innovation to places where are needed the most.



Ms. Faieta asserted that “through this partnership, we are aiming for the enhancement of various actors that are now working towards identifying and suggesting solutions to complex problems. Each prototype that we can develop is a chance to accelerate development processes.” This is consistent with the work that has been implemented by UNDP to improve the engagement with multiple actors, from their expertise areas in order to get comprehensive solutions.

In that matter, Brandwidth CEO Jason Jones expressed that his team is focused on conceiving new ideas that can drive social and technological advances, in order to facilitate a sustainable future. "To us, it is a humble lesson to collaborate with UNDP and we are delighted to have been able to sign such a strong partnership, supporting its mission of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals around the world".

Brandwidth is an innovation agency committed to connect brands and organizations with a sustainable future through new thinking strategies and transformative digital innovation, all backed by a solid implementation.

Aligned with the work that UNDP is leading in the world, Acceleration Labs are pursuing the adoption of various technological tools to find solutions that ensure long-term environmental, social and economic sustainability. Through these partnerships, UNDP sets a milestone in the path for building future collaborations between technology companies and development agencies.


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Acceleration Labs are a knowledge network created to re-imagine development in the 21st century, and make it possible in an unprecedented scale, taking advantage of the relationships, resources, and experience of UNPD and its partners.


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